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Registration and Sign-in

How do I register on Qatarlogin?

Registering on Qatarlogin is now a very simple process. It takes only 1 minutes to register and post your Ads

Step 1

Click “Register” tab in the header of the page.

Step 2

Please enter the following correctly

  • Name
  • Password
  • Valid Email Address
  • Contact Number:
  • Address
Please enter your valid mail address to
  • Get Id & Password in mailbox
  • Post Ads
  • Get replies to Ads
  • Get alerts and special offers

Once you submit the above information, you become a registered user of the site and can post Ads, manage your Ads and participate in chat.

Remember if you get stuck, you could view the Help tips that will automatically appear at every stage during the registration process.

Posting Ads

How do I Post Ads?

Posting an ad on Qatarlogin is very easy and takes not more than 1 minutes. Simply follow the steps below to understand the Post Ad flow better.

Step 1

Click on the "Post An Ad" link in the header on all Qatarlogin pages.

Step 2
Select Category & Sub Category

Choose the right category and sub-category as given below to match the product or service you wish to sell or rent.
For eg. If you are selling a motorbike, then you should post your Ad in the category vehicles and Sub category motorbikes.

Complete Key Features section

Depending on your selected sub-category, complete the key features / attributes section too. Remember, fill mandatory fields. Attributes help your Ad give more information to buyers.You can add additional features in description section

Step 3
Enter Title & Description

Enter an appropriate Title for your ad to grab attention and give enough information of your item or service to help a potential buyer know more about your item and help your chances of getting quality responses. You can also give your contact details (If you wish to) for immediate responses.

Step 4
Upload Pictures of the product

You have the option of uploading up to 4 pictures of your item to make your Ad more attractive. The size of all 4 photos together should not exceed 4MB.

Step 5

Click the "Post Ad" button..

Step 6

You can add more images (cover images) after submiting the ad.

Search and Browse

How do I find an Ad for a specific item or service on Qatarlogin?

Keyword,Category Search

To find an Ad for a specific item or service on Qatarlogin, you need to enter the relevant / exact keyword and the search feature on the site will display results matching your search terms.
Users can enter keywords in the Keyword search text box as shown below.

You can even search for items within a specific category. All you need to do is select the relevant category that matches your search term from the drop down option besides the search box.

No Capital Letter Distinguishing

If you put in keyword as "bmw" or "BMW", searching result would be the same.

Make use of Space

If you have more than one keyword, there is no need to include "and" between keywords, just use space.

How do I reply to an Ad on Qatarlogin?

You can contact posters by replying to their Ads(from the message tab section). Fill in the required details like email, name, and message with your contact details (if you want them to contact you) to the advertiser and click on "Submit" button. Your reply will be sent to the poster by email.If you are a registered user you can chat with the poster for more details.

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