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Dinner in the Sky takes dining into new heights

Posted on 2017-04-08 06:26:28

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For the intrepid foodie in search of authentic culinary adventure, Dinner in the Sky is definitely a must try at the ongoing eighth Qatar International Food Festival (QIFF).
Brought to QIFF by Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA) and Four Seasons Hotel Doha, Dinner in the Sky in its fourth consecutive year certainly does not disappoint.
This exciting festival feature takes dining into new heights, spicing up delicious food with a dash of excitement for gastronauts as they take a three-course meal aboard a ‘flying’ dinner table.
Being hoisted up 165 feet in the air while savouring delectable cuisine specially tailored for the festival by Four Seasons Hotel Doha chefs for the first time is a bliss worth the QR500 price.
For the duration of 30 minutes, the dinner table teems with a complete meal with just the right combination from the starter comprising sweet chili sea scallops and smoked salmon tartar with dill cream to the main course with three choices of grilled angus beef tenderloin, grilled baby chicken and vegetable lasagna to the dessert white chocolate passion fruit mousse with berries.
But while the food is undeniably scrumptious, the experience is even memorable with an unrivalled sight of the West Bay towers seen in a whole new perspective as the dinner table makes 360-degree turns twice providing diners with a rare opportunity to take selfies with the stunning Doha skyline as a perfect backdrop.
The dinner table can accommodate 22 people seated around a bar table comfortably and securely with a four-point strap system. The seats are able to rotate 180 degrees providing the guest an excellent vista of the varying scenery including a bird’s eye view of the entire festival venue and the iconic Sheraton Grand Doha Resort and Convention Hotel.
It is a rare experience savouring every bite as the night breeze caresses one’s face while enjoying the breathtaking sights in the warm company of colleagues.
Dinner in the Sky is one of the dining options available at QIFF which concludes today at the Hotel Park. Diners can also opt for High Tea and Fine lounge, garden picnic or at simply dine on tables scattered around the venue from 2pm till 1am.
The festival offers a wide variety of cuisines available at around 130 food stalls, carts and trucks. In addition, there are roaming shows, film screenings, cultural performances and fireworks display to entertain visitors.

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